El Gran Ganador

Celebrate the big wins!

About Us

La Familia


The Martinez-Salazar family are native to the lands of the United States since it was Spain.  Since the 1500's, generations have lived on this soil as Spaniards, Mexicans, Tejanos and now U.S. citizens.  The family has contributed to the ever changing landscape in areas from farming to the railroads, from construction to cleaning, from the military to first responders, from teachers to entrepreneurs.  The Salazar-Martinez family has a long tradition of  gathering to recognize and celebrate the sacrifices and accomplishments of our ancestors and our families today!  El Gran Ganador means the big winner...de los grandes ganadores de nuestra familia, salad al gran ganador de tu familia!

El Tequila


El Gran Ganador is a true Mexican tequila, certified organic and made from 100% blue agave plants from the rainy highlands outside of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco.  We rely on blue agave plants that have been organically propagated from plants since the 1800's and continue to source from the same pesticide free lands for a consistent, healthier premium tequila that is aged in barrels that have held multiple tequila batches to minimize the oaks effects to offer you a pure and smooth tequila with a rich flavor unrivaled by any other. 

El Fundador


Miguel Salazar-Martinez is an entrepreneur, investor, writer, speaker and philanthropist.  His drink of choice to celebrate is tequila.  Being a fitness and age management enthusiast he wanted to create an organic tequila that was cleaner, healthier and better tasting than any on the market.  Miguel states "As much as I celebrate life, I want to make sure I am toasting with the best tequila that supports my lifestyle of enjoying and living a better, healthier life!  He dedicated this venture to the many generations of his family but especially to his father who taught Miguel to celebrate the big wins with a shot of tequila.  "Esto es para ti mi Gran Ganador!"